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Opti-Klear buffers for improved fluorescent live imaging and cytometry

Fluorescent imaging and cytometry data optimization with the revolutionary Opti-Klear technology

Opti-Klear = Ease of use

Using Marker Gene Technologies Opti-Klear buffers is as simple as ABC:

A - Substitute media on your cells of interest with Opti-Klear Live Imaging Buffer
B - Proceed to fluorescent imaging or cytometry as usual
C - See improvements immediately! It really improves Signal to Noise ratio

Opti-Klear buffers from Marker Gene Technologies and tebu-bio

Opti-Klear = unique technology

Unique composition:
Unique characteristics:

Opti-Klear = many benefits over your current media for all extended live cell imaging sessions

Gene Marker Technologies Opti-Klear buffers

Opti-Klear buffers are HEPES based imaging buffers which are formulated to lower background fluorescence, maintain proper pH and osmolarity for hours at 37°, provide an energy source and to preserve fluorescent signals. 

Gene Marker Technologies related buffers

For all flow applications that require long ambient conditions (ie. sorting or long analytical runs in pursuit of rare events), discover additional buffers for non-adherent cells (M1925 and M1926) and for adherent cells (Use M1927 and M1928 containing EDTA but no Calcium or Magnesium).