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Sumo-based expression systems

How to improve the solubility of protein expression

To maximize the yield of soluble and functional proteins produced in E. coli, Yeast, Insect or mammalian cells, the SUMO-based protein expression systems allow the improvement of recombinant proteins solubility.

This system utilizes unique features of SUMO functioning as both a chaperonin and as an initiator of protein folding to dramatically improve the solubility and level of expression of the protein of interest.

SUMO protease efficiently and robustly remove SUMO tags precisely at the junction of the C-terminus of the SUMO and the N-terminus of the protein releasing it with the desired N-terminal amino acid (with the exception of proline).

Both the SUMO tags and the SUMO proteases have His6 tags making their subsequent removal fast and easy.

3 different SUMO expression systems:




Which suitable system for your type of expression?

E. coli





Vectors, SUMO proteases and antibodies are also available separetely.

Sumo tag lifting with SUMO Proteases!