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CellVue® Kits for Membrane Labeling

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CellVue® cell linker kits use proprietary membrane labeling technology to stably incorporate a fluorescent dye with long aliphatic tails into lipid regions of the cell membrane.


8 colors From UV to NIR

Product Name Ex. Max / Em. Max
CellVue® Burgundy Ex max=683nm; Em max = 707nm
CellVue® Claret Ex max=655nm; Em max = 675nm
CellVue® Jade Ex max=478nm; Em max = 508nm
CellVue® Lavender Ex max=420nm; Em max = 461nm
CellVue® Maroon Ex max=647nm; Em max = 667nm
CellVue® NIR780 Abs max=743nm; Em max = 776nm
CellVue® NIR815 Ex max=786nm; Em max = 814nm
CellVue® Plum Ex max=652nm; Em max = 671nm


Suitable for Cell Tracking and Proliferation studies.
Compatible with flow cytometers, confocal and in vivo imaging equipment.

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