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Xtreme 200 Pool human liver microsomes

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XTreme 200 Pool: Our 200 donor human liver microsome pool.

Product Details

Characterisation Provided

Besides donor information (age, ethnicity, gender, cause of death and infectious disease status) the following characterisation is performed on XTreme pools:

Specific content of cytochrome P450
Specific content of cytochrome b5
NADPH-cytochrome c reductase activity
CYP1A2          Phenacetin O-dealkylation
CYP2A6          Coumarin 7-hydroxylation
CYP2B6          Bupropion hydroxylation
CYP2C8          Amodiaquine N-dealkylation
CYP2C9          Diclofenac 4´-hydroxylation
CYP2C19        S-Mephenytoin 4´-hydroxylation
CYP2D6          Dextromethorphan O-demethylation
CYP2E1          Chlorzoxazone 6-hydroxylation
CYP3A4/5       Testosterone 6β-hydroxylation
CYP3A4/5       Midazolam 1´-hydroxylation
FMO                 Benzydamine N-oxygenation
UGT1A1          17β-estradiol 3-glucuronidation
UGT2B7          Morphine 3-glucuronidation
UGT1A6          1-Naphthyl glucuronidation
UGT1A9          Propofol glucuronidation
UGT1A4          Trifluoperazine glucuronidation

Choose from package sizes 0.5mL, 1.0mL, 5.0mL and 50mL all with 20 mg/mL. Cytosol and S9 fractions are also available. See our complete offer here.

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