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Oris Cell Migration

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Adherent cell migration without cell culture inserts

The Oris™ Cell Migration Assay* is designed with a unique cell seeding stopper, detection mask, and stopper tool. There is no Transwell® membrane insert needed. This unique plate design generates highly reproducible results using a microscope, digital imaging system or fluorescence plate reader. Simply adhere the seeded cells in each well, remove the stopper to create a detection zone, and measure the migration (see Figure 1 in the gallery).

Oris™ assays are available with tissue culture treated plates, Collagen I coated plates, Fibronectin coated plates, or a TriCoated version that contains all 3 surfaces.

Wound healing assays are normally performed using a scratch assay, which has high variability. The Oris™ Cell Migration Assay is an ideal alternative to the scratch assay since the cell seeding stoppers create a consistent detection zone to monitor 2-D closure.

Features & Benefits of the Oris™ Cell Migration Assay


Oris™ Cell Migration Assay Video


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* Patent Pending.
Oris™ is a trademark of Platypus Technologies, LLC



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