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IFN antibodies

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Do you need IFN-α antibodies? Find them all here!

IFN-α antibodies commercially available have been raised and tested mostly against Interferon-alpha A ( IFN-α2) and, less frequently, against IFN-alpha D (IFN-α1). Antibodies reacting with these subtypes often do not bind efficiently to many of the other human interferon alpha subtypes.

As opposed to these, tebu-bio brings you PBL's Human IFN-α which are tested against a wide range of subtypes. See the table below for the selection of PBL's monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and their corresponding pattern of recognition.

Browse our antibodies offer to select the best antibody according to your model species, application... and check in the table below which subtypes will be recognised.



IFN antibodies clones chart

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