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Rat and Mouse Skin Microsomes & S9

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Many drug metabolizing enzymes of the liver and other visceral organs are also expressed in the skin. The skin possesses a broad spectrum of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes including cytochromes P450, flavin monooxygenases, esterases/amides, UDP-glucuronosyltransferases, glutathione S-transferases and sulfotransferases. Specific activities of these cutaneous enzymes are typically less than 10% of those found in the liver, yet they may play a significant role in the biotransformation of xenobiotics absorbed and/or delivered through the skin.

Characterisation provided


Suspension buffer: 250mM sucrose

S9 Fraction

Suspension buffer: 50mM TRIS HCl (pH 7.4 at 4°C) containing 150mM KCl and 2 mM EDTA


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