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Sircol Collagen Assay

Discover the Sircol Collagen Measurement Assay!

Or glance over the following points for a quick reminder if you're already familiar with it...

For which uses is the Sircol Assay ?

Click here to see the Sircol FlowchartWhat is the sensitivity of the Sircol assay?

How long does the Sircol assay take to run?

What forms of collagen does the Sircol
assay measure?

  1. Acid-soluble and pepsin-soluble collagens.

What types of collagen can the Sircol assay
be used with?

  1. Mammalian collagens, Types I to V.

Interested in measuring Collagen?


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Sircol for soluble and insoluble collagen assays!


Other sources of information...
Take a look at Sircoll Assay publications in scientific literature describing the use of this assay with various cell types.