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Solutions for Cryopreservation Storage



What is it all about?

Designed to prepare and preserve cells in ultra low temperature (-80°C to -196°C) environments, CryoStor provides a safe, protective environment for cells and tissues during the freezing, storage, and thawing process. Through modulating the cellular biochemical response to the crypreservation process CryoStor provides for enhanced cell viability and functionality while eliminating the need to include serum, proteins or high levels of cytotoxic agents.

  • cGMP Manufactured
  • Made with USP Components
  • Serum-Free
  • Protein-Free
  • Animal Origin-Free
  • Meets USP <71> Sterility
  • Meets USP <85> Endotoxin
  • Tested for pH, appearance, and biopreservation efficacy via cell-based assay

Which one to choose?

CryoStor CS10 - Pre-formulated with 10% DMSO - has demonstrated remarkable biopreservation efficacy in numerous cell types, including sensitive cells such as hepatocytes.

CryoStor CS5 - Pre-formulated with 5% DMSO - routinely outperforms competing freeze media containing 10% DMSO and is recommended for cryopreservation of most cell types.

CryoStor CS2 - Pre-formulated with 2% DMSO - even in the presence of greatly reduced levels of DMSO it has demonstrated in some cell types biopreservation efficacy at or above the levels of other commercial and in-house formulated freeze media.

CS5 is the most widely utilized variant. However, CryoStor CS10 and CS2 are also widely adopted, and usage is typically dictated by cell system tolerance to DMSO balanced against acceptable levels of post-preservation recovery.


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