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Secure your cell culture source with our Specialised Media!

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Secure your cell culture source with tebu-bio's
Specialised Media and supplements!

tebu-bio offers a wide range of high quality, optimised, performance-tested media, each formulated for the culture and robust growth of their specific human and animal cell types.

tebu-bio offers a wide variety of Specialised Media & supplements for your Cell culture
Flexible to meet your specific applications:


A large choice of high quality Media and related reagents for optimal growth of Human and Animal Primary Cells

All-in-one ready-to-use complete Growth Media, Growth Media Kit, Basal Media, Differentiation Media, Starvation Media, Maintenance Media, and Freezing Media:

Growth Medium and Growth Medium Kit

The Growth Medium is a complete medium with growth supplements already added to Basal Medium. Because it is ready for use, Growth Medium is the most popular cell Medium format, optimized for the proliferation of each specific cell type.
For the Growth Medium Kits, Basal Medium and Growth Supplements are packaged separately. The Kit format provides researchers the flexibility to adjust supplements as needed.

Basal Medium

Basal Medium is a defined medium that contains essential and nonessential amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, organic compounds, and trace elements, but does not contain the Growth Supplements necessary for cell growth.
Growth Supplement

Growth Supplements include cell-specific Growth Factors, antibiotics, with or without serum. Each Growth Supplement is optimized for its specific cell type. When the Growth Supplements are added to the Basal Medium it forms the Growth Medium.

Subculture Reagents: Specially prepared for the subculture of adherent primary cells

Differentiation Medium and kit: For induction of in vitro cell differentiation.
Maintenance Medium: A serum-free medium used to eliminate extraneous factors for drug treatment evaluation.
Starvation Medium: For metabolism studies.
Freezing Medium: For cryopreservation of cells for long-term storage.

These specialised media complete our more global cell culture system which also includes:

Need cell companion products?
We offer ready-to-use, high quality cell and tissue RNA (including small RNA) prepared from our primary cells.

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