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Nuclear Receptor Activation Assay

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Easy-to-use kits to assess nuclear receptor activation and P450 enzyme induction.

A quick overview

Our cell-based kits contain everything needed for multiplex-type assays, including division arrested cell lines, Promega’s One-Glo™ for assessing receptor activation (via luciferase), P450-Glo™ substrates for assessing CYP3A or CYP1A mediated metabolism, and CellTiter-Fluor™ for measuring cell viability. All you supply are the test compounds.

Results obtained with Puracyp’s Receptor Activation Assay kits are highly reproducible and lack the variability inherent to other methodology. Little effort is required to perform the tests and the entire experiment is completed in 2 days with a total of 3-6 hours research time. Several different kit formats and cell lines are available, including  human and rodent PXR and AhR (human).


A quick reference guide


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