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VenaEC Biochip

The VenaEC™ biochip is ideal for studying cell-cell interaction.

In the case of the VenaEC™ biochip, endothelial cells are actually seeded and cultured on one surface of the microcapillary and suspension cells or whole blood and can flow over the endothelial cell monolayer, enabling the user to study cell-cell interaction under conditions mimicking physiological flow.


Dimensions 600um (width) x 120um (depth) x 20mm (length)
No. of channels 2
Substrate Thickness 1.0mm

Each biochip is supplied with 4 substrates facilitating 8 experiments. Each substrate is tissue culture treated for growing endothelial cells and when assembled contains two capillaries for cell-cell interaction studies under shear flow. Each 10 pack is supplied with 40 substrates enabling 80 assays. Each 5 pack is supplied with 20 substrates enabling 40 assays. 



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