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Vena8 Endothelial+ Biochip

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The Vena8 Endothelial+™ biochip is ideal for studying cell-cell interaction.

Endothelial cells are easily seeded (via standard pipette) and cultured inside the microcapillaries of the biochip. As cells flow through the microcapillary of the Vena8 Endothelial+™ biochip, the cell surface receptors may interact with the endothelial cell monolayer which coats the microcapillary walls. Ideal for use with phase contrast imaging and fluorescence imaging to study cell-cell interactions under conditions mimicking physiological flow.



Dimensions 800um (width) x 120um (depth) x 20mm (length)
No. of channels 8
Substrate Thickness 0.5mm


Each biochip contains 8 capillaries in parallel which can be seeded with endothelial cells for culture of 8 monolayers in parallel and subsequent cell-cell interaction studies under shear flow. Each 10 pack enables 80 assays. Each 5 pack enables 40 assays.



Inflammation - Atherosclerosis: THP-1 monocytes adhering to HUVECs in biochip under flow

Atherosclerosis: primary monocyte adhesion to coronary artery endothelium under shear flow




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