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Microtubules/tubulin Biochem Kit



This kit is intended for those researchers who are not accustomed to working with tubulin protein in vitro.  The contents of this kit will allow you to reproducibly prepare microtubules of a predetermined mean length.  After polymerization the microtubules can be used directly or stabilized with taxol before use, depending upon the needs of your experimental system.

Kit contents

The kit contains enough materials for 8-200 assays depending on experimental setup. The following components are included:

   1. 8 x 250 µg Tubulin, >99% pure (Cat nr TL238)
   2. General Tubulin Buffer (Cat nr BST01)
   3. GTP (Cat nr BST06)
   4. Microtubule glycerol Buffer (Cat nr BST05)
   5. Taxol Stock Solution (Cat nr TXD01)
   6. Dry DMSO
   7. Manual with detailed protocols and extensive troubleshooting guide

Product Uses Include

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