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2'-Fluoro dNTPs

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2′-Fluoro-NTPs are excellent substrates for both DNA and RNA polymerases, including the widely used T7 RNA polymerase.

Incorporation of 2′-Fluoro-NTPs improves the in vivo stability of RNA sequences.

A recent study by McNamara, et al. demonstrated that 2′-fluoro-substituted aptamers could be a viable alternative to antibodies in tumor suppression. Aptamer libraries were created using TriLink’s 2′-Fluoro-CTP and 2′-Fluoro-UTP for enhanced nuclease resistance. TriLink offers the high quality modified nucleoside triphosphates you need to yield reliable PCR data!


Also available in a 2'-Fluoro kit
Contains 1 µmole each of 5 nucleotides


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2′-Fluoro-NTPs are not your only option for increasing nuclease resistance. 2′-OMe and alpha-thio modified NTPs are also great options for achieving greater chemical stability. 2′-OMe, 2′-Fluoro and 2′-Amino modified dNTPs also enhance hybridization.


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