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Actin Product Guide

Finding the right product suited to your application is important - to help you in choosing, we have created the following Product Guide. Our technical specialists will also be pleased to help you with your selection.

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Prepare actin filaments for discovery and characterization of actin binding proteins


Our solutions: Purified actin

99% actin is free of contaminants. In exceptional circumstances, ultra-pure actin may be required for high resolution kinetic studies. For most of studies, 95% is sufficient.
These stringently quality controlled filaments provide highly reliable and reproducible results in assays that require actin filament substrates. The average filament length in this product is 8 µm.


Identification & characterisation of proteins that binds to actin filament. Determine binding affinity for monomer (G-) or polymer (F-) actin


Our solutions


Identification and characterisation of actin polymerisation  or depolymerisation effectors


Our solutions


Determining the amount of filamentous actin (F-actin) content versus free globular-actin (G-actin) content in a cell population


Our solutions


 Actin visualisation

Stains F-actin networks in fixed cells in vitro or thin tissue preps

Monitor actin in WB, IC, ELISA, IP

Follow actin dynamics in living cells

Visualise microfilaments in myosin motility assays

 Stabilise & visualise actin filaments in vitro

NEW:  Fluorescent actin probes: Acti-stain™ fluorescent phalloidins

Designation Size Cat nr
Acti-stain™ 488 phalloidin 300 slides PHDG1-A
Acti-stain™ 555 phalloidin 300 slides PHDH1-A
Acti-stain™ 670 phalloidin 300 slides PHDN1-A


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