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multiplex ELISA: IFN and proinflammatory cytokine quantification (Q-Plex)

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Cytokine profiling and quantification with multiplex ELISA

An Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA) is a powerful immunoassay to bring valuable information in biomarker discovery and identification (research, disease diagnosis, translational research ...).

The need to simultaneously quantify various biomarkers in reduced sample volumes while reducing experimental costs and bench-time led to the emergence of Multiplex biomarker quantification assays.

The Q-Plex™ multiplex ELISA arrays (PBL Assays, Quansys Biosciences) are robust and fully quantitative ELISA-based 96-well plates where each well corresponds to a defined array. The array is composed of distinct capture antibody population generating a cytokine profiling (fingerprint) among different samples.

All of the antibodies used in the Q-Plex™ arrays have been subject to rigorous cross reactivity controls for reliable results.

Also available as a lab service!
Cyokine profiling of your samples has never been so easy. tebu-bio laboratories have been certified by leading Multiplex ELISA and cytokine array manufacturers to perform cytokine profiling assay lab services in Europe.

Benefits of Multiplex Q-Plex ELISA kits

* Q-View™ Imager and Software.

Engineered for minimal optical distortion and automated via Q-View Software.  This is recommended for the acquisition of the chemiluminescent signal and quantification of spot intensity for the Q Plex™ multiplex ELISA arrays from Quansys Biosciences and PBL Assay Sciences.

Get the cytokine and IFN quantifications of your patient's samples right now!

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