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Robust Oris PRO assays for cell migration studies

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Screening & Imaging of migrating live cells without scratching

The Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Assays (Platyspus Technologies) are robust assays for measurement of cell migration whilst maintaining full access to live cells.

Oris™ Pro brings to your cell migration assays: Oris Pro Detection Zone for cell migration & invasion studies


  • Reproducibility with robust Z' factors and low CV
  • Scalability with automated liquid handling robotics
  • Real-time visualization and multiplexing using high content instrumentation
  • Bio-compatibility with optimized gels, tissue culture treated or Collagen I coated in 96-well format plates

Oris™ Pro enable the use of automated liquid handling equipment for cell seeding and allows unrestricted access to cells throughout the experiment.

Creating the Detection Zone - no need to scratch

The Oris™ Pro Assay features a dissolving, non-toxic biocompatible gel (BCG) that creates an annular monolayer of cells with a cell-free, central area into which cell migration can occur.

After cells are dispensed into each well of a 96-well microplate, the BCG restricts cell seeding to the outside perimeter of the well.

Once the cells have settled, the BCG dissolves and the cells are allowed to migrate into the Detection Zone.

Measuring Cell Migration in real-time - reproducible results

Cells can be stained and the cells in the Detection Zone can be captured and analysed in real-time using microscopes and High Content Screening (HCS)/High Content Imaging (HCI) instruments.

Staining live cells at the beginning of the experiment permits real-time images to be captured at any time point. Both endpoint and kinetic data can be generated.

Typical results obtained with ORIS Pro cell migration (central cell-area detection area)

More experimental data  and representative results on ​HT-1080 fibrosarcoma, MDA-MB-231 breast epithelial, and PC-3 prostate carcinoma cell lines and HUVEC primary cells in the following applications:

  • Technical memo describing the Proof of Concept of the Oris™ Pro Migration assay
  • Posters describing the power of the Oris™ Pro Migration assay in HCS and HCA applications
  • Application note to to Measure Area Closure Using the Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Assay

Oris PRO benefits over classical procedures

  • More significative results & increased productivity
    Treat cells with multiple fluorescent probes, labels, or colorimetric stains for multi-parametric measurements with microscopes, HCS and HCI instruments.
  • More time with less Handling
    Realize reduced assay handling time with an assay format in which a centrally placed biocompatible gel automatically dissolves to reveal a detection zone.
  • HTS compatible with automation-friendly design
    Utilize automated liquid handling equipment for fast set-up of high throughput, 96-well assays.
  • Reproducible Results and real-time analysis
    Achieve well-to-well CV's <12% and generate robust Z’ factors suitable for compound screening. Experience unlimited access to cells, cell morphology and cell movement throughout your experiment.

Migrate to ORIS PRO from PlatyPus Technologies

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