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Adult Mouse (Male and Female) Hypothalamic Cell Lines

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This product line is based on a proprietary platform technology which has enabled the creation of a series of immortalised hypothalamic neurons. Using CNTF (Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor) to trigger neurogenesis, the cells were immortalized from adult mouse (2 months old male and female C57Bl/6) hypothalamic primary cultures by retroviral transfer of SV40 T-Ag.

These cell lines have been found to express an ever expanding array of neuropeptides, enzymatic markers and biologically active receptors. As such, these cell lines enable accurate in vitro assays for use in the discovery, development and validation of new therapeutics targeted to central-nervous system diseases and disorders, including obesity, stress, and metabolic disorders, amongst others.

The adult mHypoA-2/22, 2/1, 2/3 and 2/5 were imaged using confocal differential interference contrast microscopy.

The adult mHypoA-2/12 neurons were imaged using fluorescent microscopy after immunocytochemical analysis with an antibody against NPY (green); nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue).

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