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EasyCyp Bactosomes

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Bactosomes are bacterial membranes containing the human cytochrome P450s coexpressed with human NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase. Bactosomes can be used in conjunction with the Simcyp simulator.

For the ultimate in convenience, selected CYPs are also available in the EasyCYP format, offering standard CYP concentration, standard protein concentration, and a standard vial size throughout the range.

Setting new standards for ease-of-use


Control Easy CYP Bactosomes are supplied at 10 mg protein per ml. Each vial contains 5 mg protein.


High or low reductase?

Bactosomes are available in High Reductase & Low reductase formats.

High Reductase
Low Reductase
  Higher activity Lower activity
  Shorter time linearity Longer time linearity
  May not reflect in vivo  Better reflects in vivo
  Reaction phenotyping Some reaction phenotyping
  Metabolite profiling High throughput inhibition screening
  ID minor metabolites  
  Some inhibition screening  



Note: ‘R’ = high reductase, ‘LR’ = low reductase, except for CYP2C9 (‘HR’ = high reductase, ‘R’= low reductase’)


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