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Revivocell - Next dimension of cell culture technology

 Mimicking body-like conditions in one plate 

CELLBLOKS® is next dimension cell culture technology.

To test cell-cell interactions and mimic body-like conditions, you usually need to use organ-on-a-chip technologies. However, this technology has various disadvantages such as being difficult to use, limited throughput and requiring significant investment.

Revivocell have created a LEGO®-like "plug and play" device enabling you to solve the above concerns and take your cell culture to the next level.
CELLBLOKS®  is a multi-organ/cell type modular “plug and play” co-culture technology that emulates the organ microenvironments in a standard in-vitro setting.
You can build complex models by simply putting together different cell growth Blocks in one platform that are designed to mimic both barrier organs and those in systematic circulation.
The platform is designed in standard well plate format that makes it compatible with standard readout equipment and minimizes any workflow disruption.

How does it work?


Quick and simple analysis

Visualise and monitor in real-time

Saves time

Easy to set up “Plug and Play” Block design also facilitates modification of experiments in real time.
More Productive
Perform multiple experiments simultaneously in one platform

Produce reliable data

Designed in a standard SBS plate format to work with regular CO2 incubator and readout equipment. This enables you to minimize environmental differences.



CELLBLOKS® platform has dimensions of a SBS standard Tissue Culture well plate. It has four sperate elongated channels with location for three separate Blocks. Each channel is filled with media (3-5 ml) to allow the cell-cell communication between the Blocks

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Better ways to reduce contamination, media evaporation and avoid pH drifts
The CELLBLOKS® chamber comes with new design Clip-Closure "Air-Lid" feature with two side clips that make it easy to create 100% hermetic seal around the chamber.

1. Circulatory BlocksTM provide a flat plastic surface for cells to grow with side circulatory windows on the walls allowing selective media diffusion (both inlet and outlet, simulating organs in systematic circulation e.g. liver, brain, heart, lung).

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2. Barrier BlocksTM contain a selective permeable membrane on the bottom of the Block, allowing cell to proliferative on basolateral membrane (simulating epithelial cells and tissues).

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3.  Blank BlocksTM  have the same flat surface as the Circulatory Blocks for cell growth but no inlet or outlet for media diffusion. Blank Blocks are used to isolate cell cultures from other compartments and are often used as controls.

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How do the molecules diffuse between the Blocks


The platform covers number of applications including:

Case Studies

Drug ADME modelling
The example below shows how an intestine-hepatic model can be simulated in the CELLBLOKS® by using the Customised Kit platform to study the absorption, distribution and metabolism (ADME) of a drug or chemical as well as its effect on a target organ.
Modelling multiple cell type liver architype for drug induced liver injury (DILI) screening using CELLBLOKS®

Download Application note to see more case studies