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VitroGel 3D Hydrogel ready-to-use hydrogel for 3D cell culture

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VitroGel™ 3D Hydrogel system for 3D cell culture

VitroGel™ 3D Hydrogel (TheWell Bioscience) is an animal origin-free hydrogel system closely mimicking the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment.
Cells grown in this hydrogel possess morphology and cellular behaviour close to their natural state. 

2 VitroGel™ 3D Formulations are available

1. VitroGel™ 3D (cat. nr TWG001)

An animal origin-free hydrogel system mimicking the natural ECM: an ideal option for floating cell lines.

2. VitroGel™ 3D-RGD (cat. nr TWG002)

A "RGD" peptide modified hydrogel of VitroGel™ 3D promoting cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions for 3D-culture and 2D-coating (invasion/migration, chemiotaxis…). The best solution for adhesion cell lines.

3. VitroGel® RGD-PLUS (cat. nr TWG003)

A ready-to-use tunable hydrogel with a high concentration of RGD cell adhesive peptide (3X more RGD peptide compared to VitroGel 3D-RGD). VitroGel® RGD-PLUS promotes the cell attachment and cell-matrix interactions during the 3D cell culture resulting in a higher level of integrin binding activities to promote intercellular network.

VitroGel™ 3D - Principle & mechanism of action

VitroGel™ 3D is an animal origin-free polysaccharide hydrogel system with many advantages:
  • Ready-to-use
The hydrogel system is room temperature stable with neutral pH.
There is no additional reagents or preparation steps needed. Simply mixing the hydrogel solution with cell culture media for a ECM mimicking environment with 15-20 minutes!
After mixing for hydrogel formation, the system can be simply transferred from one container to another by pipetting. 
  • Transparent
The hydrogel is transparent and compatible to different imaging systems for cell observation.
Each VitroGel™ 3D (10 mL/vial) is good for 2.5 96-well plates at standard mixing ratio. Downstream analysis can be done with standard protocols and reagents. No additional reagents or equipment are necessary.
  • Permeable
Oxygen, nutrition and other molecules can easily move in/out the hydrogel system making this hydrogel very useful for drug discovery studies!
  • More accurate
The morphologies and behaviors of cells grown in VitroGel™ 3D hydrogel system is similar to their natural state, which provide data to bridge in vitro and in vivo studies for many applications to obtain more physiologically relevant experimental data.
  • Convenient
Cell harvesting is made easy. After 3D cell culture, cells can be easily harvested from the hydrogel by using standard centrifuging methods.
To preapere your hydrogels, VitroGel® Dilution solutions are available with or without sucrose:
A solution to optimally recover your cells is also proposed:
  • Injectable
Using the right mixing ratio, the hydrogel becomes injectable for xenograft studies for example.
  • Easy-to-use with fast gelation

Gelation starts immediately right after mixing and becomes stable in 15 min. Cells distribute homogeneously in the hydrogel.

Multiple applications on multiple cell types



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