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Nucleosomes are basis units of DNA packaging in eukaryotic cells. A core particle (mono-nucleosome) consists of a segment of DNA called core DNA (147 bp in length) wound around a histone octamer (Fig 1.). Histone octamers are made up of 2 copies of the the core histones H2A, H2B, H3, and H4. These mono-nucleosomes are connected by linker 80bp-long DNA. H1 histone, the so-called linker histone, binds to the linker DNA close to the entry and exit of the core DNA and is involved in chromatin compaction.

Substrates for epigenetic enzyme assays and inhibitor screenings

To measure the activity of histone modifying enzymes and screen possible inhibitors, peptides derived from specific histone sequences are often used in in vitro assays. Often more physiologically relevant substrate are needed like e.g. nucleosomes. Nucleosomes can be purified from diverse cells to serve as substrates. These nucleosomes obviously carry all modifications stemming from the parent cells.

On the other hand the different core histones can be expressed recombinantly and subsequently be assembled to form histone octamers or even – by introducing core DNA – to form mono-nucleosomes.

In this case the resulting mono-nucleosomes are “blank” and can be perfectly used for measuring the activity of so-called writer enzymes (enzymes which introduce modifications). Moreover, recombinant histones can be selectively modified at defined sites and used as substrates for eraser enzymes. Finally recombinant histones can be selectively modified and assembled to form so called “designer nucleosomes”.

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