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Access the largest selection of specialized bioactive small molecules

Find your inhibitors, activators and any reference compounds easily!

tebu-bio recently introduced a new search engine for compounds such as activators, inhibitors and reference compounds.

Now, you can search in a huge compound data base containing molecules offered by leading specialist suppliers such as Focus Biomolecules, TargetMol, Bioaustralis and many more manufacturers which offer a targeted portfolio of compounds along with enzymes, substrates and kits focusing on diverse research fields, e.g. Epigenetics, Ubiquitination...

So easy!

1. Just go to -> Reagents -> Molecules and -> Inhibitors & Activators
2. Search your compound of interest through a name or CAS search

The most popular pathways

You can search among a selection of Pathways/Research fields, such as

and many more.

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Of course bulk amounts are available on request