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New Optimized Hepatocyte Media - Save time & money

Complementing the widest selection of hepatocyte products on the market, tebu-bio has selected XenoTech hepatocyte media, tailored to meet the specific needs of various hepatocyte applications.

OptiThaw-Logo.gifOptiTHAW Hepatocyte Kit (K8000, K8100 & K8500)
XenoTech’s OptiThaw hepatocyte kit contains a nutrient-rich media used in thawing and isolating cryopreserved cells. The OptiThaw kit makes it easy to achieve maximum cell yield and viability for each preparation. The kit includes cell culture media optimized for thawing cryopreserved hepatocytes plus the OptiCount solution for determining cell yield and viability counts.
K8500 is included with XenoTech's HepatoSure™ 100-donor pooled human hepatocyte product.

Watch a video on how to use OptiTHAW here

OptiPlate-Logo.gifOptiPLATE Hepatocyte Media (K8200)
XenoTech’s OptiPlate media is used when plating attachable and inducible cryopreserved human, Cynomolgus monkey, CD1 mouse or Sprague-Dawley rat hepatocytes. It is necessary to re-suspend the cell pellet in OptiPlate hepatocyte media before seeding the cells onto culture dishes. Plateable cells resuspended in this media attach to most collagen-coated surfaces.

Watch a video on how to use OptiPLATE here  

OptiCulture-Logo.gifOptiCULTURE Hepatocyte Media (K8300)
Our experts advise using XenoTech’s OptiCulture hepatocyte media for maintaining attachment of cryopreserved human, Cynomolgus monkey, CD1 mouse, Sprague-Dawley rat cultured hepatocytes, as well as fresh plated hepatocytes.
This media is recommended for feeding and dosing of cultured hepatocytes.

OptiIncubate-Logo.gifOptiINCUBATE Hepatocyte Media (K8400)
We recommend XenoTech’s OptiIncubate hepatocyte media for both fresh and cryopreserved hepatocyte suspension and plated incubations.  

Hepatocytes are commonly used in drug discovery and preclinical drug development to perform experiments requiring intact cellular systems. Intact hepatocytes contain the major hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes required to study the four categories of xenobiotic biotransformation: Hydrolysis, Reduction, Oxidation and Conjugation. Because of these enzymes, hepatocytes provide a viable and cost-effective alternative to in vivo compound testings.

However... one type of hepatocytes lot doesn’t fit all!
Select the one suited to your application here.