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Cellular Reprogramming solutions at tebu-bio.com

Cellular reprogramming is a process by which a fully differentiated cell type with specialized functions, is brought to be transformed into another cell type. This reprogrammed cell type exhibits different characteristics and functions it would not initially display under normal physiological conditions.
Cell reprogramming and iPS cells require rigorous and robust cell culture conditions: Oxygen levels, KMOSL ORF cDNAs, mature RNAs, bioactive small molecules, active proteins, feeder layers, media, stabilized growth factors, primary antibodies for cell characterization... 
This is also the case for recent discoveries aimed at controlling cellular fate with new flexible experimental approaches, such as transdifferentiation, dedifferentiation, transdetermination, direct cell conversion or reprogramming, and Chemically induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (CiPCs), or iPS cells pre-engineered with modern genome editing technologies (TALEN, CRISPR).

Reach optimal iPS & cellular reprogramming conditions with tebu-bio's range of fully characterized and validated products

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CF-1 Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast (MEF) feeder cells