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Hepatocytes - a viable & cost-effective alternative to in vivo testing

Hepatocytes are commonly used in drug discovery and preclinical drug development to perform experiments requiring intact cellular systems. Intact hepatocytes contain the major hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes required to study the four categories of xenobiotic biotransformation: hydrolysis, reduction, oxidation and conjugation. Because of these enzymes, hepatocytes provide a viable and cost-effective alternative to in vivo testing.
tebu-bio offers the widest variety of hepatocyte products, with pool sizes ranging from individual donors to 100-donor pool, human & animal, fresh & cryopreserved, plated & suspension.

Human Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

Name Number of donors Characteristics Applications
HepatoSure™ 100 (50 M + 50 F) * Suspension
* Largest pool on the market
Metabolic stability
Metabolite profiling
Enzyme inhibition
Uptake assays
Enzyme phenotyping
CryostaX™ 2 to 20

* Suspension
* Single-freeze pooled
* Customizable

Metabolic stability
Metabolite profiling
Enzyme inhibition
Uptake assays
Enzyme phenotyping
CryostaX+ 5 or 10 * Attaching
* Single-freeze pooled
Cryoplateable Hepatocytes 1 (M or F) * Attaching
* Fold Induction for CYP1A2, 2B6 and 3A4: mRNA levels & enzymatic activities
* CITCO & Phenobarbital for 2B6
Long-term metabolic stability
Transporter studies
Qualyst Transporter Certified™ Plateable Human Hepatocytes 1 (M or F) * Attaching
* Certified to culture for 5 days and maintain both uptake and efflux transporters as well as proper bile canaliculi formation


Long-term metabolic stability
Transporter studies
Geneknown™ hepatocytes 3

* Evaluated for the presence of significant alleles and SNPs for 30 genes


Study the effects of individual genetic variants
Single-Donor Human Hepatocytes 1 (M or F) * Suspension phase I and II in vitro drug metabolism studies

Extend your metabolism and toxicity studies with Kupffer Cells, Liver MyoFibroblasts, Stellate Cells, Hepatic progenitor cells, Renal tubular epithelial cells, etc

Animal Hepatocytes Cryoplateable

Sprague Dawley, Wistar and Wistar Han rat, CD-1 mouse, and Cynomolgus monkey cryoplateable hepatocytes. If your study requires cryoplateable hepatocytes from a different species, contact one of our product specialists to find out how ’s our custom products can meet your needs.

Species Species
Cynomolgus Monkey Sprague-Dawley Rat
Mouse CD-1 Wistar Rat
  Wistar-Han Rat

Animal Hepatocytes Suspension

Animal hepatocytes provide a cost-effective alternative to human hepatocytes and can be used to guide species selection for in vivo ADME services.

We feature cryopreserved hepatocytes from six toxicologically relevant species including monkey, minipig, dog, rabbit, rat and mouse. Hepatocytes from male and female pools are available for most species. We also offer custom products to meet the specific needs of any study.

Species Species

Rhesus Monkey Male

Rhesus Monkey Female

Cynomolgus Monkey Male

Cynomolgus Monkey Female

Gottingen Minipig Male

Wistar Rat Male

New Zealand White Rabbit Male

New Zealand White Rabbit Female

Sprague-Dawley Rat Male

Sprague-Dawley Rat Female

Beagle Dog Male

Beagle Dog Female

Wistar Han Rat Male

CD-1 Mouse Male

CD-1 Mouse Female

Guinea Pig – Hartley Albino
Hamster – Golden Syrian


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