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Primary Cells - Do-it-yourself solutions

To obtain a maximum yield of functionally viable, single cells, choosing the most appropriate enzymes, reagents & media in the correct ratios is crucial. At tebu-bio, with your needs in mind, we've selected a range of products to facilitate your in house cell isolation: Do-it-yourself kits, enzymes cocktails, fibroblast growth control systems, media & supplements...

Do-it-yourself kits

The first standardized system to isolate and culture primary cells from mammalian tissues.  PrimaCell™ comes complete with the materials and the protocols to allow you to isolate primary cells from a given tissue type.  Flexibility, ease and standardization of species-specific, tissue-specific and cell-specific primary cultures!


Tissue dissociation

The tissue dissociation system, OptiTDS™, is a proprietary mixture of several tissue dissociation enzymes/reagents with appropriate distribution ratios resolved in an optimum buffer, to produce a maximum number of single viable cells . Each tissue dissociation system is customized to be tissue-specific and cell-specific, to bring you the best results for each type of the primary cultured cells.


Removal of unwanted cells

The fibroblast growth control system, FibrOut™, is a proprietary combination of several biochemical compounds, antibodies, or specialty reagents, which prevent overgrowth of fibroblastic or contaminating cells, effectively increasing the yield of target cells. Each fibroblast growth inhibitory system is customized to be tissue-specific and cell-specific.


Media & supplements


Use our highly purified human and animal primary cells as control of your preparations! Select your cellular model here.


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