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Non-integrating, non-viral reprogramming technology

The discovery that induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells can be generated from somatic cells through the over-expression of transcription factors holds the promise of treating diseases, such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. However, conventional DNA and viral-based reprogramming technologies carry the risk of disrupting the cell’s genome, leading it to become cancerous and therefore not suitable for clinical applications, such as disease modeling, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. In November 2010 , Warren et al. described the ability to reprogram human cells using modified mRNA with conversion efficiencies and kinetics superior to DNA and viral-based methods. This reprogramming method is a significant leap forward in the drive to safely and effectively reprogram mature human cells.

As part of our continuing effort to provide cutting edge reprogramming technology, Stemgent is the first to offer the mRNA Reprogramming System – a non- integrating, non-viral reprogramming technology for the generation of human iPS cells.


Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit

Regulate transient protein expression levels

Fully tested and validated, the Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit includes five mRNA reprogramming factors, a nuclear GFP marker for monitoring transfection efficiency, the Stemgent Pluriton™ Reprogramming medium, B18R protein, and a reproducible, optimized protocol. This kit has been validated to successfully reprogram human BJ fibroblasts as a control cell line.

The Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit enables researchers greater ease-of-use with the ability to simply regulate the timing of protein expression levels and have stoichiometric control of individual reprogramming factors.

Description Cat. nr. Qty
Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Kit
Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming factors Set
Stemgent Pluriton™ Reprogramming medium
B18R Recombinant Protein,carrier-free
00-0071 1 Kit
miRNA Booster Kit
Improves kinetics & reduces mRNA dose per transfection resulting in a per well cost reduction of 35% to 45% vs. feeder-based mRNA Repro.
00-0073 1 Kit
Stemfect RNA Transfection Kit 00-0069 1 Kit
Stemgent mRNA Reprogramming Factors Set: hoKSmL
oct4, Klf4, Sox2, c-myc,lin28, and nGFP
00-0067 1 Set
Pluriton™ Reprogramming medium
Pluriton™ Medium
Pluriton™ Supplement
00-0070 500 mL
Human Fibroblasts (NuFF-RQ(tm) GSC-3006G 4-5E6 Cells