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Fast rec. protein production & purification lab services

Improve your control over your lab's research projects!

Recombinant proteins are critical tools for the development of many research projects. However, production and purification of proteins are time & money consuming processes.

They monopolise human resources and equipment for several weeks and require competencies not always present in every laboratory.

Recombinant protein production and purification internally within a laboratory can also override other important steps of a project. This can lead to delays, such as in providing activity reports to secure funding, in writing and publishing research papers...

The solution: Outsourcing

Outsourcing of recombinant protein production/purification to specialised companies is now a widely preferred alternative, chosen by leaders in both academic and private research laboratories.

tebu-bio's well-established protein platforms are called upon by many such laboratories, who recognise their outstanding quality and the benefits they offer:

  • Reliability
    Proven platforms based on E. coli and HEK293
  • Efficiency
    Fast turn-around times and cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility 
    Many options to customise your project:  tag removal, polishing...
  • High Quality & 100% Security
    Our highly skilled scientists respect Good Laboratory Practice, in an ISO9001-2015 certified lab
  • Proximity & Transparency 
    All services are performed in our European lab, with direct weekly reports from your project manager

Readily available & highly affordable Lab Services

All your projects are handled by your specially designated project manager, who, as such, becomes an extension of your own team. Direct contact and regular reporting ensures you maintain control over your project at all times.

We respect strict confidentiality rules and fully guarantee preservation of your IP rights


Our offers start from as low as 2 800 Euros,
for 3mg of purified protein delivered in 5 weeks*

You can choose from our range of standard solutions, or where necessary, your projects can be fully customised to suit your specifications and protein properties.
All your projects will follow predefined milestones for complete visibility and control over the project’s progress. 

* For example: Protein production from E.coli


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