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Protein Production

From stable to unstable protein production projects


Benefit from our expertise in personalised project optimisation, for enhanced quality results
  • Outsourcing your protein production to tebu-bio guarantees you...

    • Simplicity & Accuracy
    • Reliability & Stringent quality control
    • Time & cost efficiency
    • Personalisation, Trust & Confidentiality
  • Gain peace of mind - save time and money

    • Multiplex format - fast selection of the best production, purification and buffer conditions
    • Go/No go steps at each crucial point of your project
  • For all your applications, and many more...

    • Protein variants and antibody screening, functional assays, crystallography….

Fully or partially outsource your protein production/purification project


From small (ml) to large (2-5L) R&D production scale
E.coli HEK293 EBNA cells
(Durocher system under licence)

Purification Methods

Classical : Affinity / IEX...
Innovative: NHS activated, Multimodal and Hydrophobic chromatography


Include additional conditions as required

Purification steps: Tag removal / IEX / GF Chromatography...
QCs - Protein Characterisation: WB / ELISA / Kinetics assay


From 3100€ in 5-6 weeks From 9500€ in 7-8 weeks


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"Why you should outsource your production of proteins - both stable or unstable"



Image credits: PDB ID 3D90 (monomer and dimer), 5AUU, 4TPR