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Recombinant protein production and purification platform

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Our expertise in protein expression and protein purification ranges from molecular biology, multiplex protein variant studies, to large scale production of purified recombinant proteins.

We are specialized in recombinant protein production, antibodies included, for downstream R&D applications.

Good reasons to outsource your rec. protein production

  • Choose to fully outsource your protein production project, or partially according to your specific needs
  • Speed up your protein-based research program with ideal tools
  • Move ahead with the most appropriate stategy, confirmed through initial feasibility studies
  • Benefit from a fully customizable service platform for R&D-scale protein purification from E. coli or Hek293 EBNA cells (production in CHO cells possible upon request: contact us for further information)

For many applications... which one is yours?

  • Production of recombinant monoclonal antibodies
  • Antigen production for antibody selection, biomarker assays or IVD
  • Protein-Protein interaction studies
  • Protein variants vs. protein partner screening
  • Antibody screening
  • Assay development for production/purification optimization
  • Protein synthesis for development of functional assays
  • Crystallography

How will your project evolve*?

  1. Production optimization step -  expression study and/or variant expression (multiplex format)
  2. Protein production from small to large scale
  3. Purification optimization steps - screening of different chromatography strategies and binding-elution conditions (multiplex purification)
  4. Protein purification on Äkta pure system by...
    • Classical methods (affinity, ion exchange and/or gel filtration chromatography)
    • New innovative approaches (mixed mode and/or customizable affinity chromatography)
  5. QCs (characterization) and delivery
    • Coomassie gel, Western Blot / ELISA
    • Endotoxin level testing (FDA approved LAL test)
    • Protein identification (MS, MALDI-TOF-TOF MS),
    • Protein-protein interaction validation (GST-Pulldown assay, Binding studies and Enzyme kinetics by microcalorimetry (ITC)...)

Why you can trust tebu-bio for your protein production

  • Process expertise
    Steps are customizable and allow for complete project outsourcing in an ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified quality management environment
  • Complete transparency
    Project updates are provided weekly by your designated Project Manager, and your Customer Account Manager is always available for any other queries you may have
  • No strings attached
    Process methods are made available to you for fast and efficient industrial exploitation with preservation of IP rights

* Example of steps for a standard project. All projects are fully customizable, so steps can be adapted according to your needs.

Image credits: PDB ID 3D90 (monomer and dimer), 5AUU, 4TPR