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Compound Screening

in vitro Testing Services 

Evaluate and validate your chemical compounds or cosmetic ingredients

Test the mechanism of action and efficiency of your drug or cosmetic ingredients, with Tebubio's broad range of cell- or biochemical-based assays, as well as a variety of cellular models to help you evaluate and validate your compounds.

  • Target Selectivity & Efficiency Evaluatation
  • Deciphering the mechanism of action: inhibition, activation, blocking effects
  • In vitro toxicology screening
  • Compound/Ingredient library screening assays

Like to see some examples?

Browse the posters below to see some of our Project Managers' work that has been presented at meetings.
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Accepted for AACR20
"New in vitro 3D assay to select potentiators of immune checkpoint cancer inhibitors"
Presented at AACR18 Presented at AACR19
"Time-lapse analysis of drug response and invasive capacity using patient-derived CRC microfluidic 3D cancer models under oxygen controlled conditions". "Standardized 3D spheroid systems facilitate drug screening and biomarker identification with high relevance for cancer drug discovery"
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Case study 1 - Cell culture services and Genomic assays

This case study describes how the Ales Groupe (LIERAC, PHYTO, CARON, Laboratoire DUCASTEL) outsourced a part of their in vitro assays to assess their D-GlyOx complex in anti-ageing strategies for skin care applications.

Case study 2 - Biomarker pathways & data enrichment analysis

This case study shows how Tebubio, in collaboration with Anaxomics, bring pertinent experimental in vitro tests and analysis tools (enrichment analysis) to find a scientific explanation of the mechanisms of action of your active ingredients (claim support).

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