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Protein profiling with tebu-bio's & RayBiotech's Antibody Arrays

Why profile protein expression in your samples?

Proteins such as cytokines, adipokines, chemokines or adhesion molecules have several levels of regulation from gene expression to cell secretion.

Profiling their expression in various types of biological fluids (serum, cell culture supernatants...) is a very powerful tool to determine which proteins are actually of importance in a determined pathway or disease...

Would you like to:

  • Determine the global pattern of protein expression changes between 2 experimental conditions?
  • Check the protein you already follow up is the only one involved in your research project?
  • Identify new factors involved in a disease, others than the well-published cytokines?

Protein profiling is the solution suited to your needs!

Outsource your Protein profiling to tebu-bio

By outsourcing your protein profiling experiments, you will save time and efforts. tebu-bio's protein profiling platform is based on the unique RayBiotech's antibody array technology:

RayBiotech Certified Service Provider

  • Sensitive & accurate array-based system
  • From to 10 to 1.000 (Human) proteins determined at a time
  • From only 50 - 100 µl sample
  • With pathway-specific pre-design arrays
  • Customized array design available upon request

It is as simple as ABC! 

A. Select your array through our search engine:

  • Label-based Arrays / Antibody Arrays (glass-slides only)
  • Select density of targets and species
  • Define catalog number of the array of your choice

B. Send us your samples

Optimal experimental procedures are provided by our experts

C. Get your data !

Data extraction will be included in the project.