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Biomarker services

A variety of expertise, skills, and equipment are required for biomarker studies. Outsourcing such projects to experts with over 20 years experience may work out more cost effective and time saving. You will optimise obtaining quality data out of your precious samples and concentrate on your core expertise.

Tebubio's biomarker platform offers several complementary solutions to fit every need you may have in terms of protein quantitation and profiling, as well as mRNA/miRNA profiling, phosphorylation or glycosylation profiling.

Whether you have few samples to assay or wish to do a larger screening, whether you want to look at a limited number of protein targets or wish to do a large proteomics study, whether you wish to study a specifIc pathway or your own custom protein list, whether your samples are serum, plasma, other biologicals fluids, cells or tissue lysates, human or animal samples... we have solutions for you.


Protein Quantitation

ELISA services

We can work with your own ELISA reference, or advise on ELISAs from our own portfolio (>100 000 kits), selected from renowned ELISA specialists (eg. Raybiotech for cytokines and chemokines ; PBL for Interferon…).

TR-FRET Semi Quantitation

Detection of target protein in cell lysates using the homogeneous (no wash) TR-FRET technology will bring you results with simplicity, sensitivity and without excess sample consuming.

You can detect biomarkers, measure any popular phosphorylated protein, enzymatic activities, or determine specific protein binding efficiency in using this technology.
Target examples: ERK1/2, STAT3, STAT5, EGFR, Interleukin, TNF....

tebu-bio laboratory is equipped with TR-FRET module on plate reader, which is compatible with most TR-FRET kits in the market.

We can provide services for studying protein-protein interaction from different sample types:
  • Cell supernatant sample
  • Protein(s) in solution
  • Frozen dry cell pellet in dry ice (ex: 2x105 cells)

Test includes in standard: 30 points in triplicate with customer positive and negative controls included (96 wells plate with half-area wells).

Case study

EC50 determination from 1 sample with several dilutions or comparison of different samples at one precise dilution in 1 week.

Multiplex Quantification

If you need to quantify multiple proteins in a single sample, our multiplex protein quantification services will help you save on cost and sample versus using multiple ELISA. We have 2 different platforms depending on your need :

For mutiple quantification of up to 25 cytokines/chemokines simultaneously, in human, mouse or rat samples (serum or plasma), our Multiplex ELISA platform will be best suited, especially for a large number of samples. It’s a robust, highly specific assay showing less than 1% intra-panel cross-reactivity.

If the target list provided by our Multiplex ELISA does not cover your proteins of interest, or you work with more « exotic » samples or species, our Quantitative Array platform will be best suited.

It offers a broader choice of protein targets (up to 1000 human, 640 for Mouse and 67 for rat) and can accomodate any type of sample (serum, plasma, culture supernatant, any biological fluid, cell and tissue lysates); it’s easily customizable and available for over 15 species.

Case study

20 cytokines quantified in 16 Mouse serum samples (50ul), project managed in 2 weeks from receipt of samples to report generation. Targets : GM-CSF, IFN-gamma, IL-1 alpha (IL-1 F1), IL-1 beta (IL-1 F2), IL-10, IL-12 p70, IL-13, IL-17A, IL-2, IL-3, IL-4, IL-5, IL-6, IL-9, KC (CXCL1), MCP-1 (CCL2), M-CSF, RANTES (CCL5), TNF alpha, VEGF-A.

Profiling platform

Protein platform

To compare the relative changes of a selection of proteins across different experimental conditions or to screen a larger number of proteins, we work with a selection of technologies based on antibody arrays (sandwich or label based) to fit every need.

Focused profiling

Are you working on proteins which are part of common pathway/topics such as angiogenesis, apoptosis, inflammation, cytokine, chemokine, obesity? or do you wish to use your own protein list? We have a solution for either project.

We can give you access to a large number of catalogue arrays from 15 different species, or you can choose from over 600 human targets, 150 mouse, or 40 rat proteins to customize your own…. The data generated are relative expression ratio between healthy versus treated or diseased samples. We can handle any type of sample: serum, plasma, culture supernatant, any biological fluid, cell and tissue lysates.

Case study

Simultaneous profiling of IFN-gamma, IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-10, IL-13, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, MCP-1, TNF alpha in 50ul human saliva and urine samples . Project handled in 2 weeks from sample receipt to report generation.

Broad Profiling

If you are...
  • “fishing” for biomarkers on patient samples (diseased versus healthy, treated versus non-treated...)
  • keen to know more about a disease pathophysiological mechanism without much initial insight
  • assessing the impact of your compound on biological processes
  • looking at the biological modifications that may have occurred in your engineered disease model
  • at an early stage of a new drug development...?
…our "high density" profiling platforms will allow you to do so in limited sample volume, on a large selection of protein targets, at a reasonable cost.

We work with either sandwich or label based arrays depending on your need. As many as 2000 human proteins, 640 mouse or 67 rat proteins can be studied in a single sample. We can also help with biostatistics if you need support in analysing your data.

Case studies

eg. 507 human proteins profiled in 4 human plasma (30ul each). Report generated 10 days after receipt of samples, excel file with background substracted, normalized data.

eg. 1000 human proteins profiled in 150 human sera (1.5ml total for each). Biostatistics report including data clean up, differential expression analysis, pathway analysis, cluster and heat map.

Phosphorylation Studies

Are you interested in looking multiple phosphorylation patterns in cell and tissue samples? our services cover either pathway focused profiling or broader screening based on phosphoarrays technologies.

Signalling Pathway focused

In this scenario, you already know which pathway you wish to look at. In these case, we work with a range of readily available phosphoarrays to profile relative expression of proteins from any of the most popular signalling pathways such as: Akt, ERK, GPCR, JAK/STAT, MAPK, mTOR, NF-kB, RTK, TGF beta, Wnt…. The generated data are relative expression ratio of phosphorylated proteins in your samples.

Broad phosphorylation screening

If you do not have any preconceived idea on the pathway you wish to look at but need a broader profiling to understand where you stand with your samples, we can provide several options:
  • performing a medium throughput cell signalling phospho-profiling on 16 different pathways with 306 antibodies covering MAPK, Jak/Stat, Apoptosis, Autophagy, Cell cycle events…
  • performing a broader phospho-profiling with site-specific antibodies from over 30 signaling pathways

Case studies

eg. 1318 phosphotargets broad profiling in 2 control and 2 treated mouse cell lysates samples. Array image quantification and analysis service including data extraction and organization.

Glycosylation profiling

Lectin profiling
To determine your sample glycan profile or find novel glycan ligands, all within limited sample volume, our lectin array services allow you to screen either 70 or 95 different lectins simultaneously.

Glycan profiling
Our glycan profiling service will allow you to detect binding partners for either 100 or 300 different glycans in purified proteins, serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants, cell/tissue lysates or other body fluids.

Biostatistics services

Array data must be analyzed with care to best identify differences between samples. Tebubio works with biostatistics and bioinformatics experts to analyze your data with care. We provide different types of analysis according to your need: data clean up, differential expression analysis, pathway analysis, biomarkers selection...

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