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Plasmid Preps outsourcing to tebu-bio

Outsource your plasmid DNA preps to tebu-bio

Your DNA Plasmid Preparations, validated and ready-to-use within only a few days!

  • Fast: Get your plasmid extraction within 5 working daysPlasmid production and purification at tebu-bio laboratories
  • Affordable*
    • Your Maxi-prep from only 285€ (up to 500 µg)*
    • Your Giga-Prep from only 400€ (up to 10 mg)*
  • Experiments performed in tebu-bio's facilities (Le Perray-en-Yvelines, FR)
  • Additional customized options for personalisation
    • Endotoxin measurement (<30 EU/mg - LAL Assays) using Endosafe®-PTS™ system (FDA approved method)
 *No guaranteed minimum plasmid yield and for High copy type plasmids with endotoxin-free chromatographic process. This includes bacterial transformation and OD reading. For low copy type plasmids, please contact your tebu-bio local office.

Outsource your plasmid preps to tebu-bio, to be sure of...

  • Reliability - standardised operating procedures
  • Quality - ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified Quality Management System
  • Personalisation - customized service and a dedicated contact
  • Peace of mind - confidential processes
  • Time efficiency - optimal service timeframe
  • Trust and confidentiality - direct contact with a product manager in charge of your service
  • Accuracy and Simplicity - comprehensive quality control certificate
  • Cost-efficiency - affordable price for high quality service
  • Stringent quality controls - for optimized downstream experiments:
✓ Clear appearanceEndotoxin level measurements for Plasmid Preps at tebu-bio
✓ A260 / A280 ratio > 1.8
✓ No residual RNA by agarose gel electrophoresis
✓ gDNA <5% on agarose gel
✓ Restriction profile analysis
Endotoxin level < 30E.U/mg by LAL assay (upon request)

Your Giga-Prep with full QC for only 490€** !

  • Send your plasmid to our facilities and we will amplify it in our facilities (nearby Paris).

  • In return, receive a purified plasmid from 1L-GigaPrep within 14 days

  1. One GigaPrep of high copy plasmid
  2. Bacterial transformation
  3. Purification from 1L amplification
  4. Low endotoxin conditions
  5. OD260/280 readings
  6. Restriction profile analysis (with 1 restriction enzyme)
  7. Edition of a quality control (QC) certificate

**Optional endotoxin measurement possible upon request for only 95€.

Plasmid prep quality control at tebu-bio - outsourcing plasmid prep to tebu-bio lab staff


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Plasmid Analysis by Endonuclease digestions