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Plasmid DNA Prep and Purification

From Mini to Giga preps...

Validated and ready-to-use within only a few days!

  • Fast - Get your plasmid extraction in only 5 working days*
  • Affordable - Giga-Prep (high-copy)** from only 400€ (up to 10 mg)***
  • Flexible - Include additional QC as required
    • Endotoxin measurement
      Endosafe®-PTS™ system - FDA approved method
    • Restriction profile
    • Sequencing
  • Easily accessible - performed at our ISO9001:2015/ISO14001:2015 certified laboratories in France

Outsourcing your plasmid preps to tebu-bio guarantees you...

  • Simplicity & Accuracy
  • Reliability & Stringent quality control
  • Time & cost efficiency
  • Personalisation, Trust & Confidentiality


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"Why you should outsource your plasmid preps"


* Plasmid preps include bacterial transformation, purification from 1L in low endotoxin conditions and OD260/280 reading.
  Additional QC can be added.
** For low copy type plasmids, we will provide you with a specific quote.
*** No guaranteed minimum plasmid yield, for High copy type plasmids with endotoxin-free chromatographic process.