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3D cell culture with physiologically relevant in vitro testing


Benefit from 3D data to boost and enhance your 2D results

tebu-bio’s 3D cell culture lab services classically consist of designing & producing healthy or diseased spheroid models from your own characterized cell lines (intestine, kidney, pancreas, lung, liver…). following experimental procedures designed according to your needs.

But we offer you the possibility to go further with your data - we'll complement and enrich your results obtained with the 3D models, by testing them in physiologically relevant conditions in vitro, to closely mimic the human body.

  • Single or co-culture models
  • Physiological effects of oxygen pressure, hypoxia, microfluidics, shear stress studies...
  • Specific read-outs - microscopy, biomarker studies...

When will 3D cell culture services most benefit your research?

  • Would you like to validate your Proof of Concept in 3D culture before moving to animal studies?
  • Have you done mouse testing and are keen to strengthen your grant or regulatory applications with 3D data?
  • Are you facing technical limitations to perform 3D Cell culture under specific conditions?

In any situation, our 3D platform and technical facilites ensure you obtain robust, reliable, physiologically relevant data, with analysis provided by our experienced scientists.

What you can expect for your project

  • Process expertise & Quality
    Customise your project steps to enable partial or full project outsourcing, in an ISO9001-2015 and ISO14001:2015 certified quality management environment.
  • Complete transparency
    Receive weekly project updates by your designated Project Manager, and your Account Manager is always available for any other queries you may have.
  • Flexible project management
    Keep control at each stage of your project, from the Design of Experiment to finalisation with "Go / No go" steps.  You'll gain better control of your expenses, your time-schedule and bring flexibility to your R&D projects.
  • No strings attached
    Access the process methods for fast and efficient industrial exploitation with preservation of IP rights.

Like to see some examples?

Browse the posters below to see some of our Project Managers' work that has been presented at meetings.
Get in touch for more information and to see how we've been able to help our customers.

Accepted for AACR20
"New in vitro 3D assay to select potentiators of immune checkpoint cancer inhibitors"
Presented at AACR18 Presented at AACR19
"Time-lapse analysis of drug response and invasive capacity using patient-derived CRC microfluidic 3D cancer models under oxygen controlled conditions". "Standardized 3D spheroid systems facilitate drug screening and biomarker identification with high relevance for cancer drug discovery"
Download the poster Download the poster Download the poster

Downstream spheroid assay testing

Some examples of the additional readouts that you can request, e.g. for NME/compound spheroid-based testing:

  • Cytotoxic assays (eg. drug & mitochondrial toxicity measurements...)
  • Migration & microfluidic-based assays 
  • miRNA / mRNA profiling

  • Protein profiling & quantification
  • Signal transduction pathway profiling
  • Functional assays…

hCMEC/D3 cells form cerebral microvessels
upon dynamic culture in SynBBB chips.