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Biomarker and target protein quantification

Biomarker discovery & validation by tebu-bio laboratories

tebu-bio's lab team can perform your biomarker studies or target protein quantification for you, from beginning to end or by taking over a part of your project.

  • Qualitative & quantitative protein profiling and measurement

SDS-PAGE, Western-blot, ELISA kits...

  • RaybioTech, Quansys Biosciences and Full Moon Biosystems certified laboratory services providerSignal transduction & Phosphorylation studies (profiling or quantification)

​Full Moon Biosystems Pathway specific & Phospho-antibody arrays (eg. Wnt & mTor signaling pathways, Angiogenesis, Apoptosis...), ELISA kits...

  • Multiplex quantification

RayBiotech Multiplex protein- and antibody-arrays, Quansys Q-Plex multiplex quantification...

Our experts in immuno-assays will be pleased to discuss your project requirements, and suggest the best solutions suited to your needs.

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