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High density microarray protein profiling services

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Outsource your protein profiling project to tebu-bio

Save time and effort, outsource your biomarker discovery program to tebu-bio's laboratories.
It's as simple as ABC!

A. Select your technology: RayBiotech or Full Moon arrays
B. Send us your samples
C. Get your data !

Are you...

  • "fishing for biomarkers" on patient samples (diseased versus healthy, treated versus non-treated...)
  • keen to know more about a disease pathophysiological mechanism without much initial insight
  • want to assess the impact of your compound on biological processes
  • want to look at the biological modifications that may have occurred in your engineered disease model
  • at an early stage of a new drug development...?

Then our profiling platforms will help you move your research forward, allowing you to look at relative protein expression levels in the largest array of analytes on the market. Our experts will be happy to advise you on the best choice of services to suit your needs, ensuring streamlined, fast and easy project setup and handling.

RayBiotech High Density Cytokine & Growth factors Array profiling

If the target you wish to look at are mostly part of the cytokines, Chemokines, Interleukins, Growth factors protein families, our Raybio high density array is the most appropriate solution for your project. These arrays allow you to quantify up to 1000 human biomarkers.

They are based on an antibody sandwich system, spotted on array on a glass slide support, with a fluorescent detection to provide optimal specificity as well as sensitivity. Data is provided in a spreadsheet file,
expressed as fold changes after background removal. Further analysis including volcano plots, cluster grouping etc.
can be performed upon request.

What is of most interest with this array range, is that you are able to perform the subsequent quantification step on your selection of potential biomarkers of interest using exactly the same technology (sandwich based arrays with
the same antibody pairs and same detection system).

Quantification will simply be made possible by the addition of a standard mix, providing a standard curve for all the analytes selected, exactly as you would for a multiplex ELISA. This will make your results much more consistent than if you had to switch to another platform for the quantification step (see our dedicated webpage and the Quantibody technology service).

tebu-bio is one of the three RayBiotech Research Centers of Excellence, and a certified Services Provider.

Full Moon signalling proteins and phosphorylation status profiling

If your research interest is focused on signalling pathways and protein phosphorylation profiles in your samples, our Full Moon platform will address this need.

The comprehensive Phospho Explorer Array (measuring changes in phosphorylation status at specific sites) aims at analyzing hundreds of proteins in a single experiment. Both relative expression of signalling proteins as well as phosphorylation patterns are profiled between samples.

The antibodies on the array (more than 1000 targets on one slide) are covalently immobilized (six replicates) on a high quality glass surface coated with a unique 3-D polymer ensuring high binding efficiency and specificity. Each array includes well-characterized and relevant antibodies, as well as positive & negative controls. Your designated project manager will generate a full report for you with data expressed as fold induction ratio.

Interested in discussing your project with our specialists? Get in touch via the form on this page, we'll be pleased to provide the best solutions.