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2D and 3D Cell Culture

Deciphering Mechanisms of Action the most accurately as possible, requires developing specific and sometimes complicated research models, as close as possible to physiological conditions.

But developing such solutions can be time consuming and demands specific ressources.

Decipher, validate your MoA with our technical expertise in 2D and 3D cell culture

  • Production of spheroids models - Healthy or Diseased
  • Single or co-culture models
  • Hypoxia and Oxygen controlled cell culture, or under shear stress
  • Downstream assay testing - Cytotoxic assays, Microfluidics based assays, miRNA/mRNA profiling, Protein profiling & quantification, Signal transduction pathway profiling, Functional Assays...

Save time on routine cell culture

  • Mass culture of Adherent or Suspension cells
  • Differentation of cell lines - eg. preadipocytes to adipocytes


Like to see some examples?

Browse the posters below to see some of our Project Managers' work that has been presented at meetings.
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Accepted for AACR20
"New in vitro 3D assay to select potentiators of immune checkpoint cancer inhibitors"
Presented at AACR18 Presented at AACR19
"Time-lapse analysis of drug response and invasive capacity using patient-derived CRC microfluidic 3D cancer models under oxygen controlled conditions". "Standardized 3D spheroid systems facilitate drug screening and biomarker identification with high relevance for cancer drug discovery"
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Case study - Cell culture services and Biomarker validation

This case study shows how tebu-bio’s project managers compared the protein and miRNA secretory profiles of differentiated adipocytes (6 donors with selected BMI) under hypoxic and normoxic conditions.

This poster will show you how tebu-bio can assist you in:

  • Collecting primary cells according to expected criteria
  • Cultivating in vitro cells under controlled O2 environments
  • Running miRNA and protein profiling for biomarker analysis
Download the poster