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Cell Line Engineering

Get your own Cellular Model

Access a broad range of cell resources and find the right in vitro cell model for your research.

Call on our services and we'll develop your own cellular model to perfectly match your needs.

What we can do for you

  • Tissue/primary cell sourcing
  • Stable gene over expression or Silencing
  • Specific Knock-down, and gene reporter development
  • Cell line characterization

About SilenciX® by tebu-bio

Accelerate your projects with  a broad range of readily-availabile, unique stable Knock-Down cell line models.

  • High specificity: High knock-down with no target effects
  • Robust cell models with no off-target effects
  • More than 70% extinction at RNA level
  • Proven resource - Tried, accepted and used as an in vitro model in many research labs

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