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Cell line development and compound screening services

We build your cell line models... only for you!

tebu-bio has developped, as a custom service, cell lines to stably over-express or silence (SilenciX®) a gene of interest by using your own vector.

Why use tebu-bio's cell engineering services?

  • Flexibility - For customized knock-down, over-expression cell line or gene reporter development
  • Save time and ressources - we will custom-build your own cell line
  • Cost control - you know the pricing & conditions before the project starts... and they won't change and you control the project with "Go / No go" steps during project management
  • Not a black box - Designated project manager and weekly reports. Audit of our lab is also possible enabling you  to meet our team and assess our facilities
  • Expertise - Our experts build cell lines on a daily basis (over-expression or silenced cell lines)

We can perform cell-based assays for you

 About SilenciX® tebu-bio's unique stable KD cell line model

tebu-bio generates target specific silenced cell lines: your target, in your cell line! You will receive:

  • "Target specific" SilenciX cells, validated by qPCR
  • Control SilenciX cells (transfected with a non-relevant shRNA sequence)
  • Complete user manual and specification sheets for each cell line

SilenciX cell lines are developped in partnership with the French Atomic Energy Commission so that you can focus on experimental questions based on RNA interference approach, without the need to first construct a cellular model. SilenciX is convenient and affordable for long term studies.

  • High specificity: High knock-down with no target effects
  • Robust cell model with no off-target effects
  • More than 70% extinction at RNA level
  • Proven: tried, accepted and used as an in vitro model in many research labs

Browse the list of available SilenciX cell lines and learn more

Get in touch with us via the form on this page to discuss your project requirements, our team of specialists will be pleased to suggest the best solutions suited to your needs.