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mRNA Production Services

In vitro transcription (IVT) mRNA has emerged as an effective and scalable treatment modality for a wide range of disease indications.
Right from the earliest stages, gain more visibility over your long-term project development, and successfully move towards clinical application with our mRNA production service.

Why choose our fully customisable and scalable mRNA production solutions?

Whether you are looking for mini-scale mRNA production, optimisation of your mRNA sequence, or you want to gain long-term GMP production perspectives, you can rely on our expertise and our centralised solutions to optimise your project. 

Reach out to your project manager and we'll get your project going.

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Mini Scale

In order to find primary 'hit' mRNA over candidates, Tebubio's mini-scale production services enable synthesis from small quantity mRNAs to meet your screening needs.
  • As low as µg-level mRNAs
  • Short production time - from gene synthesis to mRNA in 4 weeks, from your pDNA to mRNA in 5 days.
  • Cloning into our proprietary optimized vectors for high yield of mRNAs or you can use your own template 
  • Best translation efficiency and Reduced immunogenicity - your sequence will be optimised for best translation efficiency (U depletion, hairpin reduction, chemical modification...)

Our laboratory is in Europe, we can easily arrange pick-up of your samples from your lab to ours at your convenience.

Scale Up

Continue testing the efficiency of your mRNA in vitro and in vivo: 
  • Scale up at milligram level
  • Optimal protein yield and reduced cellular immune response: benefit from the best capping solutions from market leaders 
  • Approach requirements of clinical assays:  Access a wide variety of modification, treatment and purification options, move forward towards toxicology testing

GMP Production

Benefit from our long-term partnership with the mRNA market leader, we can facilitate your access to GMP projects and we will accompany you throughout the GMP project.

As the leading manufacturer of mRNA, TriLink Biotechnologies has unparalleled experience, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) production facilities.
TriLink Quality System
  • Meets ICH Q7 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Section 19, APIs for use in clinical trials
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015
  • Practices continual improvement

QCs and optional testings 

In addition to synthesizing sequences, you can access to different QCs to characterize the identity and the purity of your sequence. Besides, you can take advantage of a range of candidate screening services, including:
  • Transfection studies
  • Protein expressions studies (Microscopy or ELISA detection)
  • Fluorescent mRNA detection (Beacon, fluorescent microscopy..)
  • Innate vs. adaptive response studies
  • Inflammatory response studies
  • Cytotoxicity studies

Reach out to your project manager and we'll get your project going.


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