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Services for COVID-19 Drug Repositioning

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Access fast anti-COVID-19 drug discovery & repositioning strategies

Many drug discovery and drug repurposing strategies are currently being launched in the world to develop safe and effective COVID-19 treatments.

SARS-CoV Spike protein:ACE2 inhibitor in vitro screening assays

Our laboratories have recently developed 2 novel in vitro service assays to screen for potential drug inhibitors binding to SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein:ACE2 receptor.
  • ACE2:SARS-CoV-2 Spike Inhibitor Screening Assay Service
    Designed for screening and profiling inhibitors of the ACE2:Spike interaction
  • SARS-CoV-2 Spike:ACE2 Inhibitor Screening Assay Service
    Designed for screening and profiling inhibitors of the Spike:ACE2 interaction

COVID-19 related in vitro Enzyme Activity & Inhibitor Screening Assays

  • Activity Assays:
    • Furin Activity Assay Kit (Fluorimetric)
    • NEW! DPP4 Activity Assay Kit (Fluorimetric)
    • ADAM 10 and ADAM 18 Activity Assay Kit (Fluorimetric)
    • JAK1 Activity Assay Kit (Fluorimetric)
    • Renin Activity Assay Kit (Fluorimetric)
  • Inhibitor Screening Assay services:
    • ACE2 Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit
    • Cathepsin L Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit
    • Cathepsin B Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit
  • Available soon: Pseudovirus-based cell-based assays
  • Cytotoxicity Assays:
    • CCK-8
    • LDH-WST
    • Annexin-Apoptosis, Cellular Senescence Assay
    • Autophagy and mitophagy Detection Assays services and kits

Evaluating your current drug portfolio or lead NMEs for anti-COVID-19 therapeutic purposes?

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