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cellphy - Study the Human Body in a Petri dish


Physiologically relevant in vitro cellular models & assays

Mimick the physiological environment of the Human body in vitro, with our broad range of fully customisable services.

Your designated project manager will help you to define the best approach to build your Proof of Concept, discover and understand Mechanisms of Action of your NCEs and biologics, obtain proof with relevant biomarkers...

We can handle all or part of your project depending on your evolving needs. All CRO work is confidentially performed in our ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015 Certified labs in Europe, with clear but flexible deadlines defined up front.

Whatever your research domain, by outsourcing to tebu-bio you'll save time & costs whilst ensuring you retain full control of your research and intellectual property.

See our "cellphy" platform in action!
Download the poster presented by tebu-bio's laboratory staff at the AACR 2018: "Time-lapse analysis of drug response and invasive capacity using patient-derived CRC microfluidic 3D cancer models under oxygen controlled conditions". 
In this work, Dora Sabino et al. designed, developed and validated cellular assays for human cancer 3D culture generation, long-term maintenance and analysis.
Quantification of the cellular responses to cytotoxic drugs, (incl. invasion in fluidic chambers) were also performed in O2 controlled cell culture conditions. Get your copy of the poster here.

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  • Sourcing
    Human Biological specimen repositories and prospective collections to provide you with samples from healthy or diseased donors...
  • Live imaging
    Snapshots and Time lapse imaging in physiological conditions...
  • Physiological conditions
    2D or 3D cell culture organoid, spheroid production, microfluidics, normoxia or hypoxia environment...
  • Assay development
    Quantitative tests and functional activity...
  • Profiling
    Omics for network discovery, mRNA, miRNA, cytokines, proteins, biomarker pathways, translational research...
  • Screening
    Molecules, inhibitors, enzymes, protein production, cell line engineering for HTS...

Our full offer is comprised of much more than can be listed here.
Our specialists will be pleased to explain all the services we can perform for you.