tebu-bio is a European company specialised in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences

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tebu-bio is a leading European Life Science research service company providing researchers with innovative core platforms covering the experimental workflow of biomarker and drug discoveries.

Recognized as a dynamic Contract Research Organization (C.R.O.) in biology, tebu-bio is the only organization enabling European researchers to select research reagents to run their projects in-house, or to select kits and outsource their experiments to tebu-bio's skilled lab staff (or even a mix of the two, whatever suits your project!).

4 core platforms for optimized lab outsourcing

Project management: what our clients appreciate the most...

  • Process expertise
    Steps are customizable and allow for complete project outsourcing in an ISO9001-2015 certified quality management environment, fully based in Europe (near Paris, France)

  • Complete transparency
    Project updates are provided weekly by a designated Project Manager and a specific Sales Manager is available for business interactions

  • No strings attached
    Process methods are made available to customers for fast and efficient industrial exploitation with preservation of IP rights


Under the Services section from the menu bar, you'll find a full overview of all the outsourcing possibilities with tebu-bio.