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tebu-bio's 3D-Gene® miRNA profiling platform

Looking for an efficient miRNA profiling approach?

miRNA are involved in numerous physiological and diseased biological mechanisms. They are now candidates for potent biomarkers in some cancers. Accessing miRNA profiling tools is crucial for both researchers and clinicians.

The full miRnome contains about 2 000 Human miRNA and current miRNA profiling methods require improvements in terms of sensitivity and robustness, mainly for low abundance miRNAs.

Just send your samples and receive user-friendly experimental data ideal for your biomarker discovery programs.

tebu-bio's 3D-Gene® miRNA profiling service

Today, tebu-bio provides the fastest and the most affordable lab services for miRNA profiling and biomarker discovery.
The unique microarray-based screening called 3D-gene® (TORAY Industries, Inc.) has been integrated in tebu-bio's biomarker discovery platform: 
  • Access to the last release of the miRBase (Griffiths-Jones lab - Manchester University)
  • Optimized miRNA probe design for custom Human and animal oligo chips
  • Skilled staff for high quality experimental procedures and data analysis

Outsource your miRNA biomarker discovery programs to identify and validate:

  • Low abundance miRNA biomarkers in cell pellets, FFPE & tissue, media, serum or plasma
  • Minimal miRNA expression level changes between tested and control samples

Case studies: 3D-gene services in biomarker discovery

Case studies: 3D-gene services in biomarker discovery

Case studies: 3D-gene services in biomarker discovery

To know more about the technology used: "Toray’s 3D-gene black resin arrays advantages" on tebu-bio's scientific blog.