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GeneCopoeia is the original manufacturer, seller, and service provider of a variety of biological reagents, including genomics, proteomics, molecular and cellular biology. Their product portfolio includes clone collections for ORF cDNA, shRNA, miRNAs, promoters, CRISPR, TRE and more.

GeneCopoeia also provides Genome editing products and services, such as sgRNAs and libraries, indel detection, donor vectors, Cas9 cell lines, Safe harbor kits and TALEN.

GeneCopoeia has various viral delivery systems, such as Lentiviral and AAV systems, as well as, MicroRNA solutions that include precursor and inhibitor clones, 3’ UTR clones, qPCR primers & arrays and qPCR kits.

Additionally, they have a collection of PCR/qPCR primers, qPCR & RT-qPCR kits and arrays. Lastly, their extensive suite of kits and reagents include Luciferase reporter assays, transfection reagents, cloning systems, FISH probes and more.

Combined with tebu-bio's comprehensive offer of primary antibodies, active proteins, molecular biology tools and primary cells, these unique reagents and lab services will help you boost your research programs.

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