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Abnova takes a genomic / proteomic approach for the development of antibodies in Life Sciences Research (Innovate through Integrated Solutions). Their goal is to have at least one primary antibody to every human expressed gene in the human genome.

Abnova's comprehensive offer of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies together with recombinant proteins (to be used as controls for immuno-assays) and ELISA kits are available in Europe via tebu-bio.

It includes also the collection of Rabbit polyclonal MaxPab® antibodies generated from full-length proteins (instead of peptide antigens for immunization) to recognize both linear and conformational protein epitopes for classical applications (WB, IF, IHC, IP, FC).

European key words: Antikörper, Antibodies, Anticorpi, Anticuerpos, Anticorps, Antistoffer, Antilichamen, Anticorpos...

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